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Tips for Creating a Reliable Fire Escape Plan | SERVPRO of Sanibel/Captiva Island/Ft. Myers Beach

11/21/2023 (Permalink)

Home on fire with smoke House fires happen when least expected and can be disastrous, but SERVPRO of Sanibel/Captiva Island/Ft. Myers Beach is here to help. Call us now!

No matter where you live in our community, suffering a house fire can be a disastrous and even dangerous experience. House fires can get out of control in minutes and engulf your entire property just as fast, so knowing how to get out of your home quickly is key.

Creating a fire escape plan that your whole family can understand and implement can keep everyone safe when a true emergency occurs. Follow the tips below for creating your own fire escape plan for your home.

Forming the Plan 

Grab a piece of paper and draw out a map of all of the rooms in your home. Then have your kids take you on a tour of your entire house and identify all of the exit points for each room. 

Make sure they understand that exiting a window may be necessary, but that windows should never be played with unless it is a true emergency and you need to get out fast. Once the exits are identified, head outside and choose a meeting location together that you can all get to quickly and safely. A mailbox or a tree in your neighbor’s yard across the street are both easy options. 

If you live in an apartment complex, you should still make a map of your home and locate the exits, but you also need to know how to evacuate the building itself. Since elevators are not a safe choice during an emergency, make sure your kids know where the stairwell is and the fire escape. A central meeting location outside your apartment complex is important to decide as well. 

Practicing the Plan  

Creating your fire escape plan is great, but putting it into action regularly is even better! Kids often learn better through experience and repetition, so practice different scenarios and have your kids doing different things in different rooms to simulate the unexpected. Push the test button on your smoke alarm and have your kids take you through their emergency exit strategies.

As they head toward their exits, have them get down on their bellies and army crawl or crawl on their hands and knees. This can help reinforce the idea to stay below the smoke line and to not breathe it in as they are getting out. Once you are all outside safety, simulate calling 911 and walk your kids through what to say to the dispatcher. 

Recovering After Disaster

No matter how a fire starts, it can lead to extraordinary amounts of damage. Entire levels or sections of your home may be decimated and the rest of your home could have significant smoke and soot residue. 

That’s where we come in! We understand the sensitive nature of recovering from a house fire, so we get right to work restoring, cleaning and repairing every damaged surface and part of your home. 

We will remove smoke odors, pull out damaged debris and rebuild sections of your home, and we will end our services with a final cleaning to make sure every surface has been restored back to its pre-fire condition. 

SERVPRO of Sanibel/Captiva Island/Ft. Myers Beach is here 24/7 to help you overcome a house fire. Call us right away for immediate assistance. 

Smoke Damage Restoration: How SERVPRO Can Assist with Smoke Odor Removal

4/11/2023 (Permalink)

Ceiling of a warehouse affected by smoke damage. Smoke damage can be a serious problem for property owners, but with the right methods, smoke odor removal is possible.

Smoke damage is a serious concern for property owners, whether it's from a fire or simply due to tobacco use indoors. Smoke can cause lasting damage to a building's structure and furnishings, and the lingering smoke odor can be challenging to remove. In this blog, we'll explore what smoke damage is and how smoke odor removal is usually done.

What is Smoke Damage?

Smoke damage is the result of smoke particles and soot settling on surfaces and materials after a fire or other event that produces smoke. Smoke damage can affect the structure of the building as well as furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings. It can leave stains, discoloration, and a pervasive smoke odor that can be difficult to remove.

How is Smoke Odor Removed?

There are several methods for removing smoke odor, but the most effective ones involve a combination of cleaning and deodorizing. Here are some of the most common methods:

  1. Air Purification: This involves using air purifiers to filter out smoke particles and neutralize odors in the air. Air purifiers are especially effective for smaller spaces or individual rooms.
  2. Ozone Treatment: Ozone generators produce ozone, which can break down smoke molecules and neutralize odors. Ozone treatment is highly effective but should only be done by a professional as ozone can be dangerous if not used properly.
  3. Thermal Fogging: Thermal fogging is a method of deodorizing that involves using a machine to create a fog of deodorizing chemicals. The fog is then dispersed throughout the affected area, penetrating surfaces and neutralizing odors.
  4. Chemical Cleaning: Chemical cleaning involves using special detergents and cleaners to remove smoke particles and soot from surfaces. This is often necessary to remove stains and discoloration caused by smoke damage.
  5. HVAC Cleaning: Smoke particles can become trapped in the HVAC system, leading to ongoing odor problems. Professional HVAC cleaning can remove these particles and improve air quality.

SERVPRO of  Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach Can Remove Smoke Odor

SERVPRO of  Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach is a professional restoration company that specializes in smoke damage restoration and smoke odor removal. They have highly trained technicians who use the latest equipment and techniques to remove smoke particles and neutralize smoke odors. SERVPRO's smoke odor removal process involves a combination of air purification, ozone treatment, thermal fogging, chemical cleaning, and HVAC cleaning, depending on the specific needs of the property. They also use advanced deodorizing products that are designed to penetrate surfaces and eliminate smoke odors at the molecular level. With their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, SERVPRO can help property owners effectively remove smoke odors and restore their properties to their pre-damage condition.

Smoke damage can be a serious problem for property owners, but with the right methods, smoke odor removal is possible. Whether it's through air purification, ozone treatment, thermal fogging, chemical cleaning, or HVAC cleaning, a professional restoration company can help eliminate smoke odors and restore your property to its pre-damage condition. If you're dealing with smoke damage, don't hesitate to contact a professional restoration company for help.

How To Tackle Fire and Water Damage

8/29/2022 (Permalink)

Burnt content in a bathroom and walls covered with soot. Fire cleanup is a job for an experienced and professional restoration company like SERVPRO of Sanibel/Ft Myers Beach.

How Deal With Fire and Water Damage

The fire at your house in Estero Island,FL is blazing out of control. You watch from the street as the fire hose saturates your home with 1200 gallons of water per minute. You breathe a sigh of relief as the fire is extinguished. Now you face a new challenge, a combination of fire damage and water damage. To combat this disastrous duo, take the following steps to return your home to pre-fire condition.

Initial Steps

It is overwhelming when you first see the destruction in your house. You recognize that you cannot clean up the mess yourself. Who do you call?

• Contact the insurance agency that holds your homeowner’s policy. Inform the agent of the damage and discuss coverage and next steps.
• Call an emergency fire and water restoration company. The specialists typically arrive at your home within hours to inspect and assess the damage, day or night.
• Before restoration efforts begin, the specialists may board up windows and/or place a tarp on the roof to secure your property and prevent further damage.

Water Damage

Firefighters use a significant amount of water to snuff the inferno, leaving your home drenched. What steps do water restoration specialists take to properly dry your home?

• Wet/dry vacuums and pumps extricate flooding and excess water from the house.
• Industrial strength dehumidifiers and air movers remove moisture from walls and floors.

Fire Damage

The fire is gone, but the soot and smoke remains. How do fire restoration specialists clean and deodorize your house?

• Specialized equipment is used to remove smoke and soot from walls, ceilings and floors.
• Fogging equipment and air scrubbers remove smoke odors from the source.

It is heartbreaking to see your home in Estero Island, FL engulfed in flames. The aftermath of water and fire damage is equally hard to face. Work with your insurance agent and a fire and water restoration specialist to return your home to pre loss condition and resume your life.

3 Ways To Keep Your Space Heater From Causing a Fire

6/25/2022 (Permalink)

Space Heater A space heater can be a lifesaver in the colder months, but it can also be dangerous.

Three Ways to Prevent a Fire From Starting With Your Space Heater

If you need some extra warmth in the winter, you might use space heaters in your Ft Meyers Beach, FL, home. They're small and portable and put off a great deal of heat, but they can also be dangerous. Approximately 1,700 house fires a year in the United States are caused by space heaters. Here are three ways to keep your space heater from causing a fire. 

1. Buy the Right Kind To Prevent a Burned Space Heater
A safety certification is the number one thing to look for in a space heater. Different organizations put heaters through rigorous tests to ensure they are safe for consumer use. Never buy a heater if it doesn't have a safety certification. You also want to purchase a heater with a shutoff feature. Look for one that will shut off if the device gets too hot or knocked over. The automatic shutoff feature can save you from a burned space heater and a major smoke cleanup after a fire

2. Place It in a Good Location
When you set your heater up, ensure it is on a solid, level surface. Never place it on anything combustible. If you only have carpet in the areas you need to place it on, purchase a few large, sturdy tiles to set the heater on. Fire mitigation specialists recommend that you leave at least three feet of open space around the heater at all times. Never place it near curtains, furniture or combustible items, such as paint cans. 

3. Never Leave It Unattended
When you leave the room, turn off the heater and unplug it. You also want to ensure that you turn the heater off each night before bed. Leaving the heater unattended for even a short time could be enough for a fire to start from a burned space heater. 
A space heater can be a lifesaver in the colder months, but it can also be dangerous. Following a few safety tips and being mindful of how you use it can keep you and your family safe and warm. 

Board Up Services Essential After a Fire

6/14/2022 (Permalink)

Broken window of a home and boarded up at the same time Board up services in a Sanibel, FL home.

Along with the chaos and potential loss of precious belongings, a fire in your Sanibel, FL, home means that the structure is compromised. After filing a claim, you may have to wait for the damage to be repaired. That is why it is essential to board up any exposed areas.

Benefits of Emergency Board Up Services

In many cases, boarding up and tarping your home will be required by your insurance provider. If you don’t get it done, it may mean not getting as much out of your claim. Along with maximizing your coverage, there are other benefits.

Avoid Secondary Damage: While it may have been a fire that caused damage to your home, exposed areas are at risk to weather damage. If a storm blows in, that rain may lead to additional water damage and an increased chance of mold growth. That added damage likely won’t be covered by your insurance, meaning you will have to pay for repairs out of pocket.
Prevent Theft: A broken window is an invitation for thieves and vandals. If they have easy access, belongings that weren’t damaged by the fire may be stolen, including appliances and electronics. Vandals may also find their way in and create other issues that will require even more repairs.
Reduce Liability: When your board up your home, it is a clear sign to stay away. Not doing so may mean people entering the home. If someone gets injured, you may be the liable party.

Why Go With a Professional?
Although putting up tarps and boards may seem simple enough, it needs to be done right to work. To ensure that happens, it is best to call a fire damage restoration company. Not only will they provide the boarding services you need, but they will also be able to provide all the services necessary to return your home to its preloss condition. That includes finding hidden issues that may be easily overlooked but have the potential to cause severe damage.
A key part of getting back to normal after a fire is to board up exposed areas. Along with avoiding additional damage, doing so enhances the chances of maximizing your claim.

How To Spread the World About Candle Fires via Social Media

4/6/2022 (Permalink)

Bathroom covered with soot and debris A candle caught this bathroom on fire.

People have a tendency to forget that candle fire is a leading cause of home blazes. The more people become aware of this reality, the safer they will be. Here are some facts that underline the peril presented by candles, along with concepts for social media posts to spread the word.

Facts About Fires Caused by Candles

Here is a smattering of alarming data points regarding infernos caused by candles.

On average, 21 fires caused by candles are reported every day
Roughly three out of every five home fires caused by candles happen as the result of combustible materials being left nearby
Falling asleep is a factor in 10% of all household fires triggered by candles

Even if nobody is harmed when a candle fire breaks out in Ft. Myers Beach, FL, the smoke cleanup process is bound to be highly distressing.

Social Media Posts About Fires Caused by Candles

Reduce the number of fires involving candles by informing as many people as possible about this sensitive topic. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
Because of their association with Christmas and Hanukkah, December is a peak time for fires caused by candles. Design an appealing holiday greeting to draw in viewers and end with a friendly reminder to keep decorations away from open flames.
Design a safety video using children. Explain the importance of blowing out candles before retiring for bed and then depict your rug rats doing so. The inherent cuteness factor is bound to attract eyeballs.
Put a positive spin on this deadly topic by creating a slideshow of candle alternatives. Provide reasons why incense burners, electric candles and oil diffusers are so appealing. Where natural, slip in select facts concerning the inherent danger of candles.
The destruction caused by a candle fire is often considerable. Do your part to lower these frightening incidents by enlightening the public regarding the risk.

Dealing With Smoke Damage

1/12/2022 (Permalink)

Building damaged by fire Fire damaged building in Sanibel, FL.

How To Prevent Smoke Damage

A fire at your place of business in Sanibel, FL, can lead to costly downtime and other disruptions if not dealt with effectively. Learn how to prevent smoke damage from derailing your workflow with a few dry-cleaning tips.

1. Repair Versus Replacement

The most critical element of smoke damage restoration is a procedure that allows you to discern which items should be restored and which should be replaced entirely. While many of these decisions may be obvious, some are best left to a qualified fire damage restoration service. These professionals are typically IICRC-compliant, ensuring a set of content cleaning standards that your business can rely on.

2. What To Restore

Many items suffering from smoke or soot damage in a commercial fire can be brought back to functional condition through conventional means. Clothing, upholstery, and other fabric components can usually be cleared of any smoke discoloration or odors by simply dry-cleaning the affected materials. Most dry cleaners have specialty detergents and deodorizers for dealing with fire-soiled materials. Documents and other paper materials can also be restored through a vacuum freeze drying process if they were damaged by water-based fire suppression.

3. The Building

Fixed components of your place of business, such as the ventilation system, the floors, and the walls may also suffer from smoke damage. In these cases, there are also a number of processes that can avoid costly replacements. A restoration service will ensure adequate air circulation by changing out air filters. Drywall and other porous materials can frequently be cleaned depending on the type of paint used and the extent of the soot accumulation. Your chosen restoration service can assist you with content storage during the smoke cleaning process.

Don’t assume that your commercial fire means a total restart for your valued assets. Through a careful inspection process and a little professional help, you can repair and retain many of the items your business uses through dry-cleaning and other sound restoration practices.